Hi, Welcome to GoFeels

GoFeels is the best way to manage your hotel through the internet. We operate with hundreds of hotels, processing thousands of data and reservations per year, providing support to the hotel industry around the world.


GoFeels is a Chilean startup that was founded on October 1, 2016 based in the city of Temuco, with the support of the venture capital fund Devlabs.vc based in Oakland, CA. U.S.


We started in contact with more than 150 hotels from our initial stage and today we are looking for new clients in 4 countries.


They are the amount of estimated hours that we help you save a year in your hotel and your administration tasks.

We connect to the hotel industry

At GoFeels, we are a multidisciplinary team that works day after day placing our clients at the center of our operations. For this we dedicate ourselves to discipline, innovation and constant learning, which allow us to work the impossible to provide each hotel, hostel or B&B with the best management experience in the world.

The essence of GoFeels

What moves us?

In GoFeels we want to take the hotel management to a level never before seen, building together a new concept of community and collaboration. In this way we demolish the old paradigm of competition and work for an inter-connected global network of establishments and people linked to the world of hospitality


We believe in the inclusion of all segments of the hotel industry, offering our clients world-class technology; easy and intuitive to use, designed to improve every aspect of the daily operation of your business and the most accessible prices in the market, guaranteeing an incredible user experience for each of the hotels, hostels and B & B that are part of our community globally

Our values

We are proud to say that GoFeels has a multidisciplinary team dedicated to living its values. We believe that each of the children is the key to what unites us and this is reflected in our actions and in our dealings with our customers.
01 Change people's lives

At GoFeels we are transforming the lives of thousands, providing better care and experience to each of the hotels that use our technologies.

03 Think global to act locally

The hotel industry is located all over the world, that is why our global thinking allows us to define the orientation of our actions in the present. Thinking in a global way moves us to act locally.

05 Proximity and collaborative work

What unites us is what makes us stronger, that is why our work is collaborative not only internally, but also with our network of clients, giving them the assurance that our work is responding to their needs

02 Our base is innovation

And with this we seek to get the right changes in our platform and processes to redefine the way of acting and the practices of the hotel industry.

04 Empathy is part of the answer

We invest our time in knowing and understanding what the needs and problems of our clients are, which allows us to maintain a permanent and experience-oriented reciprocal connection.

06 Simplicity

We rely on quick and effective solutions in real time so that our customers have the best trip within our platform.