Be part of the first network of independent hotels in America

Gofeels generates an alignment and understanding shared by the entire hotel industry, which increases the productivity of your establishment, decrease your workload and boost your income through collaborative work.

Simplify your administration

Gofeels gathers all your hosting information in one place, giving you a workspace where all the operations of your establishment are organized and accessible to you and your team.

The system is intuitive and easy to use. And the support provided by the Gofeels team has been fundamental for our receptionists. "Mirna Sáez Peña, Owner - Hoteles Ruta Costera Ltda."

More than a management system, a hotel management community

Join a network of hoteliers who made the decision to start working together to increase your income, reserves and the scope of your business. And that today they enjoy a series of exclusive functions for them.

Messaging between hotels

Always stay in touch with other players in your industry

Send and receive guests

Get extra income by referring bookings to other hotels

Increase your capacity

Now you have the availability of other hotels for more guests

Rate your reservations

And access information about future guests and new customers

All the information of your hotel always at your fingertips

Access your historical information in seconds
Search engines so powerful that just write a couple of letters, start searching among all the information and reservations of your hotel.

Everything you need to boost your hotel online
Our platform gives you everything you need to manage your business. Whether you are a small hostel or a large established hotel, our powerful platform will help you grow your business.

A platform with a really intuitive design
Easy to use, with constant updates and a great focus on design, so that you require the minimum possible training.

An integral platform where we have you covered

Think that Gofeels is your own IT department, with unlimited data processing, maximum security, business infrastructure and support all day.

Are you curious about how Gofeels works in trade associations and tourism chambers?

With more sales, booking and administration functions, Gofeels gremial brings the power of Gofeels to large and complex organizations.

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